Flower Care – Tips and tricks to keep them fresh and last longer

Flower Care

With proper flower care, our flowers can stay beautiful and can last up to a week or more with some very basic care steps:

Change the water in the vase daily and always use cold water,  this will keep the water clean with less bacteria which can damage the flowers. When changing water, add one or two drops of bleach, this will help keep the water free from bacteria. Don’t over do it or the flowers will die. Two drops are sufficient. The less bacteria the longer the flowers will last. Do not over fill your vase with water, make sure that any leaves are not touching the water.

Cut the bottom of the stem at an angle every, not straight, this allows the stem to absorb more water as the surface area of stem is larger when cut at an angle. A properly cut stem and clean cold water will allow the flower to last longer.

Remove dead leaves or flowers petals as they cause bacteria formation which can spread to the rest of the arrangement.

Keep the flowers away from the sun or heat sources such a electronics or heaters and if possible keep them in a cool environment, if that is not possible change the water frequently and use cold water. Another solution is to drop one ice cube in the vase daily. Here is a document from the University of California Irvine discussing floral sanitation: https://ucanr.edu/datastoreFiles/234-76.pdf

Change water frequently

Change the water frequently and clean your vase. Your flowers will last longer.

With these simple rules, your flowers will last you a long time and you will enjoy them longer. We also sell natural roses which last a year or more, these are also called “Eternal Rose”. These roses are completely natural and come in various colors: Red, White, Yellow, and Pink. For more information about this rose please contact us.


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